10 Plant That are Good for the Bathroom — What Your Garden Needs

Here’s a list of 10 plant that will thrive in the bathroom with its generous water supply, and don’t even think about leaving them in direct sunlight.

1. Lizard Ears Eucalyptus or Cleosophylla

These are like the ocean yachts of the plant world; the exuberant colors and sheer energy of the foliage contrast sharply with the modest white or blue flowers. The low, inset shrub has a multitude of cultivars, not just its standard female, as well as male forms that sport male flowers.

2. Hydrangea “Eugenia Rust,” Hypertetalum Genita

This West Coast native delivers a ray of sunshine to any bathroom closet — especially if a bathroom closet is filled with new spring woolens. “Eugenia Rust” is one of the most lively flowers in the plant world, except that it can actually kill the plant if it grows at all. So beware.

3. Pyracantha, Pyracantha Narcissus

Chainsaws and toothpicks have a better chance of getting rid of a pyracantha tree than a horticultural implement to carry out a cutting to the bathroom. In fact, they have not lost their countercultural charm. Don’t be fooled by the pretty pink flowers, which are a dead giveaway for a pyracantha.

4. Strychnos, Grandiflora

Grandiflora daisies are the Queen of Flowers, a critical member of the hydrangea family. As part of the family, grandifloras are easy to grow, and can be selected for their ability to bloom in any room in the house. Their high-pitched purples dominate the garden in every part of the world.

5. Myrtle, Miscanthus

There are many parts of the house that Miscanthus thrives in. This rosy-pink tree-like plant has an almost poetic beauty that only accentuates its delicate flowers and rich woody foliage. It should be used in bridal showers and showers for gardeners, too.

6. Warmed Grapevines, P. Crispatissima

Give the bathroom a helping hand with warm vine blooms. If the garden is too small for red grapevines, warm vine species should fill in nicely. Avoid introducing species that flower more strongly than those in your garden.

7. Heuchera, Apache

The Apache (Tiareyla rosea) is a member of the Heuchera family, often called the hedge-plant family. Its semi-woodsy foliage provides a beautiful backdrop for its open evergreen flowers.

8. Hyacinthoides and Vermillion Rhododendron, Apocapillata

A crucial member of the Fritillaria family is also easy to grow. It responds well to control, so ensure that its flowering period can be sufficiently protected with abundant watering.

9. Narcissus, Narcissus Hyacinthum Venus

Narcissus is a member of the Fritillaria genus and is a key member of the family’s hybridizers. Narcissus Hyacinthum Venus resembles a popular but somewhat stilted group of cultivars called clivia.

10. Coral Bells, Ponus Powderpanthera

Ponus powderpanthera are very well-known for their high-quality coral bells flower, and is a major American plant at weddings. At the same time, the coral bells can make a good plant in the bathroom if it’s grown correctly. It is somewhat more difficult to grow the coral bells than other petunias because of its overbusy flowering.

While these 10 plants could keep the bathroom perennial perfection on display any time of the year, Memorial Day is the perfect time to set the residence at last.

Christine Anderson and her husband, Don, are an award-winning nurserymen who travel the nation selling specialty plants. They are the authors of nine books. Both are members of the Virginia Cooperative Extension System.

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