10 Plants That Can Improve Your Home Office

Home offices tend to be cramped, and they often lack a lot of greenery. Since there’s no place to relax, or else you just don’t like the view from the window, growing some plants that are meant for a desk will help relieve stress and bring some natural light into your workspace. From African violets to succulents, check out these plants that can make a home office a little more tranquil.

African Violets

Best Flower: Blue/Tuscan

African violets are known for their striking colors, while their flowers are meant to help relax. Whether you want the pinks to complement your office color scheme or the pinks will give the ones that are already on your desk some color, African violets are a great choice for the home office.

Asian Buffalos

Best Plant: White

The large, frilly leaves of this plant will be perfect for a desk as it’s resistant to pests and can take a lot of sun. The white leaves will also add a sense of privacy and calmness to a window-less desk, which you’ll often want for your home office.


Best Plant: Red

Since it’s a celery root, it can be used for cleaning, eating, or as a decorative vine. If you like, you can even use it as an accent on a desk. With its red flowers, Celery can make a great addition to your home office. You’ll only need a medium to large amount of water and won’t be ready to use it until you get a good six to eight hours of sun.

Connecticut Hedge

Best Plant: Purple

You might not have thought of Connecticut hedge as a desk plant, but the purple flowers it produces for a month or so every year are said to help relieve stress. The native Connecticut hedge doesn’t need much water or sunlight, but it should be planted in an area with a wide window so the light reaches its roots.

Get away from that computer keyboard, pull the cords out, and let these fresh plants take over your home office for a relaxing restful day.

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