12 Plants To Curl Up With

We all want to find that perfectly perfect plant for our garden, and with a little help, these plants can make an extremely stylish statement. And with a little knowledge, you can make sure each plant gets the best possible care. See these 12 amazing “String of…” plants for yourself to find the perfect one. You’ll also want to share your photos with your friends so everyone can keep their own personal “String of…”

Spring Pink and Beige Molded Snake Plant

A great combination of the two colors is usually a sure sign of fresh new growth, so if you’re plant is a little faded, these plants are ideal to keep away. They’re great for shady areas, and are fairly easy to grow.

Himalayan Orchid

For an equally exciting pairing of two colors, get your hands on an orange Himalayan orchid. This plant is a great addition to the garden, and it’s a great morning surprise if you have bad allergies.

Amber Cone Flower

Don’t let the color fool you. An Amber Cone Flower can work its way up into more durable shade plants. They’re generally either flowering and quiet or small flowers with unusual coloration.

Locked Tree Onias

A locked tree onias can add a lot of interest to the garden, and they’re also durable. These trees love shade and not a lot of sunlight, making them perfect for shady spots in the garden.


Look past the tiny cutesy flowers, and you’ll find something amazing. Delphiniums are a sweet-smelling and also ideal for caring for. Get yours from Amazon.

Olive Leaf Daylily

These plants add a softer touch to the garden. Look for lime green or pure white flowers that are easy to grow, and these can be used to refresh the garden.

Leafy Plant

A definite favorite of my own, these “Leafy Plant” plants are different from other flowering plants thanks to the focus on leaves rather than flowers. With a naturalistic appearance, they’re the perfect gift for any plant lover in your life.

Hydrangea Plena

The master of the bunch, I’m sure you’ll agree. These high-set hydrangeas are high maintenance, but because of that, you get amazing blooms every year.

Portia or Sunflowers

Last but not least, these sunflowers are by far the best combination of two colors in the garden. The colors are a great match with other plants, and in the shade, they don’t stop blooming all year long.

I’m sure these plants will add more personality to your collection than you even imagined, and I’d suggest spending an hour or two with them to see for yourself. For the full list of these plants, head over to Amazon, and for even more tips on how to garden, see the entire Amazon article.

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