3 Annoying Things All Gardeners Do

On the internet there is a lot of gardening advice, although a lot of it is nonsense. This is because people don’t know how to make a living and that means they just want to offer solutions to problems.

So if you want to look like the Natural History Museum in London or Churchill House in London and actually ever have a healthy garden, then follow some of these rules.

Bare, ground

Simply have an area of dirt (I would avoid brick walls) and for the most part people just throw in weeds and grass. This isn’t good for the roots, it’s the same as if you had a bird bath full of ants (you’ll use up all the chemicals and have no garden). But at least it’s a garden and that’s what’s important!

Small gardens

There are a lot of lovely garden shows in Britain, but for most people they’ll go to Chelsea Flower Show which is the grandest of all. To make sure you don’t waste your time you need a small garden. Chelsea is an overstuffed and over-putted garden. If you’re able to get it into three or four tiers then you’re doing fine.

A room in a house

Marvellous! Many people have a covered patio, or even just a bench. It won’t be super-gardening, but it will actually be pretty.

Small spaces

It doesn’t matter how good a design is, if your flowers aren’t protected from the elements and someone can just walk right in and pin them up there. Places such as London’s Thames View Restaurant/Greenhouse can have rooms right down the front. See below.


There are so many amazing plants, but not all of them will do well in the heat of summer. So don’t just plant all your new flowers right away. It will only encourage seedlings, and they’ll never grow. Save them for an ideal moment when the ground is soft. If you’re more of a plant hoarder then just add cuttings after all.

No watering

Probably the most dangerous and pointless thing to do. If you ever see someone watering their plants they are doing something silly. Raking up leaves and covering them with newspaper are the most common.

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