5 Designer Suites Every Nature Lover Will Love

Even in luxury hotels in the US, the rooms are spacious and the rooms have a soundproof room through which you can enjoy nature. When you stay at a luxury hotel, you cannot believe that you are in room that has been designed by furniture designers, who are experts in crafting stupendous designs with real plants and furniture in hand. However, you still would think that the rooms have not been designed with nature lovers in mind. In hotels, big beds are often preferred, but know that you are fully settled with a few beds for any day of the week as soon as you enter the hotel. At nature lovers hotels, you are definitely not disappointed with the room.

Lavish Stunning Rooms for Nature lovers and Romance

Do you enjoy being in nature while you are in the hotel? I guess the reason why you stay at these the nature lovers hotels is because the rooms have all the luxuries like Wi-Fi, big beds, big shavers, lotus combs and candles, and these were designed by the design enthusiasts. It is said that these inclusives design like libraries with books and encyclopedias, living room areas, sky gardens or flower beds and lots of flowers all enhance the environment. It is said that the “best rooms” are those with giant windows that give an impressive view of nature, and enjoy the outdoors in every room while you are relaxing. Therefore, after your pre-trip to the nature lover hotels, do not visit any other hotel. You just love having the door open.

Below are some of the hotel suites where you could enjoy nature:

Glittering Room for Fantasy and Affection

Here, you will certainly love to put on your glasses and take in the beauty of a local scene. The “Dream Suite” at The Brookside Boutique Hotel in Florida has crystal lights hanging from its ceiling, a fire pit and touches of understated luxury. A customised phone booth is the addition to this dream suite. You also enjoy a beautiful relaxing area, that includes a waterfall bed and luxurious chairs. The theme of this design is transcendent and perfect. You can imagine people from other countries visiting this hotel while they have the long journey to US for vacation.

So, if you enjoy room design, try this boutique hotel where you enjoy eco-friendly designs and eco-friendly rooms, maybe because it will give you the true nature-loving, which is just the way you want to feel while you enjoy your vacation!

Stunning Plants + Beautiful Spacious Rooms + Treatments All Day long

The “Valley of the Senses” at The Branding Iron is an all-inclusive hotel, which is located in California. It is said that the owners of the hotel took a conscious decision to use only real plants. The “Villabox Spa” here has three marvelous rooms. The main room is special because it has a beautiful greenhouse with large windows that one can enjoy a view of nature.

The room is also equipped with modern amenities, have good atmosphere and climate control. The different therapies in this hotel are impeccable for nature lovers who want to experience scents that give them the feeling of nature and romance in their stay. All the rooms of this hotel are designed with natural plants.

Getting Natureous Hotel Suite

There are hotels in one is urban areas where you can enjoy a spacious nature-loving room. However, the Pinnacles Inn is one of the best hotels in the country for nature lovers and romance with their gorgeous nature-loving suites. These suites enjoy ancient European design with plenty of designs including built-in benches and cozy storage rooms for both plants and keeping the furniture with natural smells and natural lighting.

So, take these five designer suites and you will enjoy the best of inclusives design and intimate spirit. More so, each room offers a variety of visions from beach to mountains in an earthy green. So the owners here invested in beautiful windows and modern storage containers to create a retreat room.

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