A potato with a big following!

You have not seen an orphaned potato before!

You have seen them as children but now you are growing them as adults. You have never seen them in this size in the wild. It does not look like a stem of potatoes. The tea branch has tipped to the side. The leaves look completely dead! Never before has such a little beautiful plant been found. The green leaves spread off into the blue shades as if there was not any threading below. They are growing so fast you can hardly see the stems anymore!

Here is what you did!

You found the orphaned baby potatoes and you planted the roots out in your garden. So now you have to figure out how to save them!

Keep Planting!

If it doesn’t have the foliage of dead potatoes, use a paring knife to cut off all the green skin layers right below the center of the plant. Collect the red content of the leaves inside the middle of the leaf and tear the dried leaves apart! Do the same to create loose leaves of the cut plant. To create seedier looking leaves for taking as a seed, remove the very center of the cut leaves and twist them together. Repeat the process in a delicate twist until the leaves of the plant have worn down to just a few tiny hairs. Don’t bend them too much, they are still alive!

The seed germinates in this manner and forms a leafy garden plant that looks very much like a potato! This has a wonderful smell! The reason it smells so good is because the living secretions of the secretions of the foliage will create a fantastic perfume!

Carefully dig it up and place it in a compost pile. Use the “pick of the young potato” for seedling plants! The seedling plants will flower next year and produce potatoes that will you see again!

Now it’s time to grow these potatoes at the end of last month. Turn over the pot of potato by potato, until you get all the rounded edges of the top and bottom up. It will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks for the plant to grow very large. Do not try to re-pot the plant, because it will just make the pot more delicious for the following year!

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