A Show of Show: A Spring Flowering

Today I wanted to share with you just how amazing short leaves in the spring are. In fact, there are so many colors and shapes you’ll be able to find during the coming days and weeks of the budding season. It is simply magnificent how in a single day you can experience so many amazing shades of green. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about “spring” is joy. Certainly, that is the beginning point for spring. The bloom of blossoms and the sweet fragrance of springtime flowers is one of the first feelings that comes to mind as we enter the season of life that is in the spring.

As we enjoy the beauty of the many greens in the spring and as the temperature heats up, it is imperative that you take time to appreciate the fact that each leaf reflects a multitude of colors and shapes. To make that a bit more complicated, you will be able to identify several different species of shrubs and trees by their leaf shapes. The scirrha and achromia family of leaves is distinctively given the scirrha and Athera shaped leaves with contrasting colors, while the Alchemilla family of leaves are scirrha in the upper column and Alchemilla in the lower column. In the upper row of leaves, we have the Patagendia family of leaves with the fronds being frilled and Agricata with the paler leaves. The alpine population is comprised of Skiomatas and anemones.

During the spring, it is imperative that you take time to identify the different vegetation families. It is important to pay attention to how each species of tree or shrub grows. As the season progresses, you can observe the changing, or scrambling, of the leaves as each tree or shrub stages a climb. Then, once that is done, the leaves can be caught in sunlight that glints from the branches of that tree or shrub. Now, you can see how the different species of leaves like the Alchemilla, Skiomatas, Alchemilla and other species that produce that beautifully colored frond are primarily found on the upper branches of trees and shrubs. Often times, it is important to continue to view these leaves, even though you may not be able to see them.

During the spring, you will notice that from the upper to the lower branches, the leaves change shades of green. This is nothing like it is when you turn on your television to see the fresh face of spring. Remember, there is far more than just green in the earth that we share with our fellow human beings. Take the time to appreciate each color and type of leaf of the environment you live in. Then, return home, close your doors and shut out the outside world. Enjoy the abundant color that you receive and enjoy it with your family and friends. It is a great feeling to receive so much more than what you give in the form of electricity and books when you enjoy these family rituals.

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