Aeschynanthus lobbianus by Traill Seeds, Inc.

Aeschynanthus lobbianus is a native plant that grows freely in spite of the location and the fact that it does not need too much water to survive. Aeschynanthus lobbianus can be brought into your home and grown to be a perennial pot plant. We have found that we can grow this plant in a perfect condition in a small area of one inch in a pot. But you have to know where to plant and what to do to ensure your plants’ survival.

Aeschynanthus lobbianus has a wide variety of colors, which are called beige foliage and color of pot. The plant also has larger leaves. This plant likes warm and dry areas. It will need lots of sun, a fertile soil and good drainage. As a container plant, Aeschynanthus lobbianus prefers shady and occasionally moist areas. Do not plant this plant in a very hot environment; instead, provide your plant with water regularly and keep the soil moist for it to thrive. If you like your plants to grow tall and sturdy, keep the soil moist when placing the plant, but do not use too much water. Keep your container plant well-watered at all times, and just under water in the fall. Water often after it starts to wilt. In the winter and spring, water your Aeschynanthus lobbianus when the soil is dry.

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