Are you have an idea of your spring plants? Blame the weather!

Are you one of those busy mums who’s too busy to plant your first houseplant? Make matters worse and need to save money on it by not growing your plants? Blame the weather, humidity, diseases and weather forecasts! Another cause is getting an idea from a friend, family or acquaintance that their spring plants look very good. No wonder you might be quite wrong, if you want your gardening skills to go up-turbo! Why? Because you can have the best of everything in spring flowers.

This year, the blooms on a lot of your favorite tulips are bigger and better than ever. Should you move in your spring plants for them to be blooming as of today? Isn’t spring in fact the best time? Don’t rush in starting them on a new plant. Remember that spring is a time for growing flowers, not only for spring houseplants. If you can’t wait for spring flowers, get a regular single plant and get it for around 100$. Ours had pink pinks, pink flowers and pink leaves. Enjoy!

Here’s more reasons why spring is the best time to go up-turbo with your plant:

1. Get the Best Out of the Plants

The spring is the best time to plant your spring plants. You can use a lot of the type of seeds before a cold spell sets in. The seeds like moisture during their growth and are not ready to be planted unless the water temperature falls below 32F. Move on to the dormant season like lawns that depends on watering for food and fertilization.

2. Winter plants can be grown in winter

The early veggies and herbs like kale, cabbage, radish and sprouts can be protected from the bitter cold outside and germinate without any trouble. Pothos, plants covered with buds, can be protected from the winter cold by being placed in a warm spot indoors.

Why choose a bitter winter time for planting plants? Many nurseries are now offering many varieties of fresh vegetables and herbs during spring. They are being advertised as “Bitter Winter Garden Plants”. Get as many of them as you can!

It’s still a hard time for warm weather vegetables. And it’s strange weather too. You can’t even look at one and feel the coldness before choosing one.

3. You can wait in the dry soil up to a week

The weather forecast says that we are going to have a dry spell for at least a few days. So, you can wait in the dry soil up to a week. You can also allow the plants to wilt during this dry spell. This way, they are still alive to bloom during the spring.

4. Prepare a buffer area

The spring is a time to get your garden planted. Do all the other gardening for the summer season. It’s okay if you delay planting your spring flowers. It’s also okay to have to go with it and in fact, it’s a great idea. Prepare a buffer area right inside your house. A five-foot span is enough for grass planting, begonias, or other flowers. Get rid of those grass plants as soon as the spring begins. A balcony or patio provides you the perfect solution to that.

5. Water your plants on a daily basis

The same good reason to wait in the dry soil is the same reason to water your houseplants often. During the warm weather months you can just let the plants grow in the warm and dry weather. If you start with a plant whose roots are below five feet, add a couple of inches of water, each day. Give them half an inch once a week.

6. Get a different set of winter plants

You might feel that you need to grow some older plants in your garden. Give them two or three inches of water during the winter. And before blooming with flowers, don’t stop watering.

7. Winter flowers are easy to grow

Winter day after day, the forests of New Zealand are host to pumice, once a month, respectively. Yep, regular plants live here all year long and have blossoms each spring. Gardeners fear that they will not get the same amazing colours of some of these plant in spring.

It’s true that depending on variety, some winter plants might not bloom like in spring. But, it’s true that it’s a stress free time for growing!

Don’t rush to plant, plant a different set of plants!

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