Chelsea Flower Show: Look to the Contrasting Styles of English Gardenland

I love my flowers, love the wonderful things that our climate, landscape, and flora give us. This spring I’ve been dreaming about Chelsea Flower Show, I can picture rows and rows of blue deerslashes, tuberose lunera, euphorbias and a thousand other varieties of lush, colourful flowers bursting with color.

It doesn’t matter how much I want to but I’ll never look like that.

If you’re like me you probably feel the same way.

Every year we spend hundreds of pounds and lots of hours creating an ambitious and beautiful floral theme, only to find out that it’s based on an old farmhouse or an ancient monastery.

Why is the garden never going to look like this?

Flowers that ‘look’ quite different

If you’re going to spend a lot of time and money, the least you could do is replicate the horticultural competition theme of the show. Just because a flower looks quite different from the outside doesn’t mean it’s not original.

The difference between a flower that you buy at a florist and a florist that’s been making it in their garden all year long doesn’t mean that it’s anything less than beautiful.

Why is the garden never going to look like this?

Well no chance. A garden at the flower show is just a wisp of a floral beauty. It’s a display of flowers painted onto a wooden backdrop or a meticulously planned out shape. They have grown to maturity and with the correct care they’ll stay in the same place for the whole year.

One for the gardening enthusiast

Although Chelsea Flower Show is the biggest show in the world, it doesn’t claim to be the best garden. We all know that all gardeners have their own unique interpretation of the ideal spring garden. I know mine looks nothing like the Chelsea flower show.

And that’s okay

Instead of obsessing over what the Chelsea garden will look like, we should be following the same path and spending our time on planting, laying out our beds, getting our soil prepared for the winter so that it will remain in good condition, and developing our best strategy for protecting our flower beds from the winter,

Let Chelsea Flower Show be a seasonal show and focus on creating our own unique vision of a spring garden.

A wonderful guide for anyone who wants to follow their own vision of a great garden

We’ve all got our own unique approach to creating a garden. That’s why the Chelsea Flower Show is a wonderful source of inspiration – a place to look at gardens that take inspiration from the flower show, but have their own individual feel.

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