Christmas Plants and Ranging from Cactus to Sweet Christmas Poinsettias

Christmas time is here. Folks start lining up at the store, get their trees and lights ready. For them, it is a time of grandeur, a time to go out and party in honor of Jesus. For the majority of us however, it is a time to get ready to stay warm and cozy, to enjoy some time with family and friends, and of course, to share the season with those you love.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the only occasion on which more people are outdoors than in, is during the Christmas season. Even more so as people look for gifts in outdoor displays. Yes, Christmas is a time to get outside and enjoy the simple things in life. There is nothing more enjoyable than getting outside and enjoying a nice warm fireplace, snugly warm blankets, and a fire on the stove; all things that typically aren’t considered “Christmas” but add an extra bit of joy and happiness to the season.

However, all these things are built on three main things. First, you have the greenery, covering you with warmth, and giving you peace of mind from what could be a problem outside with old age or illness. Second, you have the fresh water, offering a selection of plant you can enjoy whether in the backyard or indoors. Lastly, you have food, a variety of which you can pick from the kitchen.

All in all, there are several Christmas plants that can be grown in both the outdoors and inside. As you know, you can grow almost anything indoors. In fact, my horticulture department is constantly growing interesting plants and vegetables to take to visitors at the store. One such plant is a cactus. One of the fun things about cacti, or flowering cacti as they are referred to, is that they bloom when not fully outgrown. Just like other flowers, if you have a decent amount of light, these plants will blossom with beautiful colors.

Many cacti can grow taller. They thrive on full sun and water. Their vines also tend to extend upwards, thus acting as a necessary perimeter defense in the event of any hard road. Flower clusters or berries that attract wildlife are a nice bonus. Sweetly fragrant and plentiful, one could add to their repertoire the colorful flowers of a summer poinsettia.

Indoor plants can also bloom. There are a large number of Christmas plants that use different mixtures of minerals. For example, fragrant ones use essential oils, green and spicy ones use spices, and ones that taste good enjoy pine cones or pecans. Some of the Christmas plants which can grow indoor include lavender, greenery and houseplants.

One such plant that can grow indoors is a Christmas poinsettia. Like others mentioned above, it blooms when not fully outgrown. Sweetly fragrant and delicious, poinsettias are commonly used for dessert. One simple way to enjoy a sweet treat with poinsettias is to serve spiced tea. You can find many varieties of other Christmas plants, such as echinacea, Japanese anemones, astilbe, pansies, and native deciduous pine trees, that you can enjoy during the season.

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