Clubmoss brings an indoor look outside

Planning on spending the entire weekend in the backyard? Taking the barbecue to the hibachi?

Here’s one plant that will make sure that you and your guests have an indoor dining experience while enjoying the scenic outdoors. It’s making an appearance at the Clubhouse #2 at Sausalito’s Union Beach. Clubmoss Nursery nursery in Sausalito has recently introduced Clubmoss kraussiana, a very tall flowering plant suitable for indoor use that blooms with a large rose-pink crescent-shaped flower bell shape.

This exotic tree grows large, 4 feet tall, 6 to 8 feet wide and even presents a dramatic display of fruit at winter’s end. It opens new growth every three to five days.

This high-desert native is the only cactus known to grow in the northern United States.

It will flower from September to January, profusely producing up to 20 2-inch blossoms with petals that have a small watermelon-like stem.

The enchanting peony-size fruits are also perfect for garnishing your fresh cut flowers.

The tender, fine, green fruits can be frozen for some future enjoyment, should it be needed.

As another way to enjoy the interior sunny splendor, the plant also produces aromatic, fragrant, squash-like tubers.

For more information about Clubmoss, visit or call (415) 221-0393.

What does Clubmoss actually do?

Clubmoss kraussiana Indoors is a small, but spectacular plant that blooms with large blooms in late September through early winter. It is a good indoor growing choice that makes an excellent companion to most other indoor plants. This attractive and most fragrant Cactus can bloom virtually any time of the year! It can be grown in containers or on a large table with an umbrella at the top.

Other successful hybrids of this beautifully aromatic Cactus family (such as Jaume) are in the fountain of pot or patio range.

Clubmoss is a popular bush tree houseplant in zoos, education centers and for display around the home. Many Clubs root readily and can be propagated from a thin cuttings.

• For more information on Clubmoss, visit or call (415) 221-0393.

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