Cosmic Ash (Queen of the Night), Psychedelic Queen, is in bloom!

Queen of the Night, also known as Psychedelic Queen is in bloom! The plants don’t need rain to bloom…

All plants are topsy turvy in some way or another. At times this can be pretty fascinating, at other times it can bring us some angst. Our plant family name, Epiphyllum , comes from its tendency to flower at odd times of the year. But just like our youthfulness, their beauty is fleeting.

Generally, we are still growing all around us while these plants are coming into bloom. They come into bloom from June to August. That’s not all though.

Often, they are grown for their cut flowers and items produced from them. Not always though.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a leaf in bloom. This tree is quite prolific and come July, the leaves of each bush are beginning to change color. The beauty of the plants is exactly what draws people to come here. Queen of the Night is a shadow tree with three species. The Pinkertonia has orange, the Sydney Phoenix has magenta, and the One Stopped Punch has yellow leaves. If that doesn’t describe these trees well, I don’t know what will.

The trees do have some competition. Different stages of bloom occur. The bright pink leaf is the first to emerge, the seeds are in the taproot and the seed pods have a greenish sheen. Only the lighter pink bark stays on the tree for the rest of the growing season. Finally comes the yellow and white flowers, they set a deep frost shade which brings people here.

However, the only members of this tree that I can recommend are My Epiphyllum oxypetalum , or Queen of the Night . After being exiled to a hedge yard, their tiny needles turn to a deep red for a few days. It’s magical, almost an animal metamorphosis. Their leaves are when it rains, and that’s how they are responsible for blooming during this season.

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