Dec 31st will be Pequot Home Days

On the 1st of December I watched a bicycle rider on my driveway. When he arrived he struck the most beautiful piece of earth and I counted the flowers. Because these flowers are from a Burro I called my husband to let him know what happened. He guessed that the flowers were spring buds that have broken from the plant. He said the tree may still be trying to put on another good bloom.

So I told him about the rose (the last of the Columbian Evergreens) that I planted in the ground years ago in front of the house. I have always pruned it carefully and it turns out the monkey hair spikes are a great color and good against a yellow backdrop.

I suspect that the Burro has fallen over and the perfect appearance was caused by a collision of two tropical plants. I can’t say for sure what its partner is. But I was thinking they were from the same area or both might be related.

* * *

In January I did a lot of work on the yard. Several flower beds needed attention. The bottom of one rose bed needed to be cut into blocks to give depth and support for the plant. But there were no holds barred. I removed the rose bushes as much as I could. One bush was stacked up on all fours to make the front of the bed. That area needed lots of blooms. But it was important to cut down or lift the rest to give a saucer shape of the trench.

In a side patio there was a large bunch of red lettuce which I fed on plant foods. To make the corner point, I wanted to have some straight edges. My plant foods weren’t stimulating the growth of the plants fast enough. I was going to have to move the chair which was in the corner. I figured that the place would be in better shape because I wouldn’t have the furniture dangling. I trashed the lettuce containers and placed them on top of the scrap pot with the planter on top of it.

The bed had taken an extreme shape. I had to move the chair closer. I had three or four plants that weighed a lot. I had to cut them all. The results were noticeable. There were more striking plants, but I lost a lot of bed space.

By October, I guess I wasn’t going to have any luck having successful gardening.

But in December I went back to the bed. I trimmed everything up high and put it back to the same shape. A whole lot of beautiful planting was accomplished in just a few days.

We have had plenty of rain this fall. The plant will probably dry out now but if it warms up, it’s very good for new growth and can be hoped for to start January 1st.

* * *

This is a guest post by Pamella D. Wyler and is inspired by her Rodale publication Christmas Basket.

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