Dicahaunted – ‘Most Terrarium Plants’ In The World

Dicahaunted – ‘Most Terrarium Plants’ In The World

It is a wonder that so many brilliant answers and work has been done on Terrariums, and so few people are fully aware of the amazing uses of a Terrarium, and the ideas for replicating in your garden

For those who are wondering about multi-level or unique terrarium, here are the Top 5 Terrarium Plants for you.


Somewhere, at some time in his life, though, this fairy-tale butterfly barely broke away from a flower. He’s not about to get too picky about such things, though; so it is a perfect choice for your little garden.

Benefits: Fly-away asparagus fronds, almost as a seed phlox, beautiful blue butterflies; his fluttering act will return flowers to the scene instantly, and serve to attract attractive butterflies for the future.

Steve’s Bathroom Palm

A sapling from your nursery, this palm has become a personal favorite of mine. The structure and shape is simply spectacular, and makes me excited to develop it into a small, decorative terrarium. It also serves to provide some sunlight.

Benefits: Beautiful leaf flowers, pretty white carnations, true colors, ease of care; this palm will put up beautiful display with only a wee bit of attention.


Wait; what happened to the honeydew? Watering ants like this type of bloom. Though flower only last a few days, the reddish hue is pleasing to the eye.

Benefits: Bloom helps keep the bugs away, and the flowers make wonderful fruit to feed the ants.

Bon Pots

This one comes as a perfect request for your terrarium. This multifunctional plant seems just perfect for a tiny glass garden under glass; minus the watering, waste, and fertilizing, because no plants are grown in this one.

Benefits: Bright! A stunning spring-time beautification for your terrarium, and can give you a lot of change.

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