Earth Day: Lets plant a houseplant that belongs in the garden!

Good morning! Welcome to my “Coffee Plant Houseplant Day”

I want to welcome you to my houseplant blog “April to Conquering Icons” and share with you that I’m this year’s lucky winner of the People’s Choice Award in Earth Week’s “Keeping Home Dirt Green Campaign.”

To be clear, I’m not new to the blog scene, I have been blogging since 2010 and there are some Plants I am passionate about sharing and spreading more about my experiences.

But in that time I have learned a thing or two and especially in 2010, 2011 and 2012, when it came to growing your own houseplants indoors. One of the first things I learned when I started is that growing your own outdoor plants takes time, patience and have patience at the ready. You have to know where to find the plants you will enjoy. I have started bringing plants from an outside garden center to my house and they always work their way into my “prudent” collection of edibles.

The most difficult piece of advice I would give anyone starting an indoor plant is to think of it as your garden. Growing a plant indoors means it gets watered twice a day, it is getting sunlight and it is getting food and water. When you have a plant outside, even if you are watering your plants, they don’t get food or water. So it will continue to grow at its desired size and it will continue to flourish.

Plants you have at home are grow your own edibles. I have a palm tree, a salvias, cactus and I have some succulents here in my garden. But no matter where you live, regardless of the weather, plants love to grow and need good drainage. That means fertilizing your plants in the beginning of the season just like you do your garden. I especially like Krettenake, Brandt’s Tropic of Anxiety and Travertine (a beautiful leylandii), then next time you have the chance pick some free seeds of all of them (that were being given away for free to anyone who called to ask) and plant them now!

In addition to the following tips, keep in mind that some plants do not like hard frost so if you have around plants that do not like frost, put them outside and bring them back in (but not until the ground dries out) at a sunny location. And of course, I do agree that some plants will grow more easily and some grow just fine when watered every day just like a plant outside.

During the months of April to June, I like to choose certain herbs, cacti and succulents (such as in the plants to the right) and just let them sit outside until I need them to perform in the garden. Then put them indoors and hose them down.

Happy growing!

Tom Nelson

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