Euphorbia trigona – Invincible Houseplants

Euphorbia Trigona is native to the United States, New Mexico, and southern Canada. The plant is well-established in shrub form. It has smooth leaves (white, yellow, brown, and black) that come together into a mound, reaching lengths of 6-10 inches. Euphorbia excels in moist, shady, or rocky, well-drained conditions, and with healthy sites. It is excellent for hummingbirds, butterfly caterpillars, and birds of prey.

Euphorbia reaches a height of 2-4 feet. A common name for Euphorbia trigona is “bulbous” and may be mistaken for a tuber. It is not tuber-like in that it does not grow as long as the plant.

There are two scales on trimmago. There is a horned scale attached to the leaves that follows the leaf blades, turning in the wind to form a hemispherical structure. This leaf scale is rarely actually seen in the leaves. There is a second scale that comes from the basal leaves. In the second scale is attached a rounded rhizome with horizontal scales. The rhizome contains the root ball which then develops into the plant’s underground structure. It is easy to tell if the plant is Euphorbia trigona since the rhizome is round. The visible side scales are very similar to the horned scale and are white. Some are purple and some are green or dark brown. Black edges run down the recesses of the trimmago and up the outer leaves. The plants are very fast growing with great vigor. It can reach 10-12 feet in height in two to three years.

Euphorbia trigona is one of my favorite plants, and enjoys butterflies and hummingbirds. It is quite vivacious and full of water. Enjoy the beauty and the touch of a beauty plant, that is truly wonderful!

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