Ficus Lyrata: How to Get New Leaves on Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle-leaf Fig plant)

(Jennifer Kook)

You just can’t use old dead and dying leaves off your ficus. You need new leaves that will reawaken the dormant growth and encourage the plant to continue bloom. It does make the plant less tamed as it never reaches its potential in warmer weather.

I recommend a high potting mix for this plant. There are lots of different kinds of potting soil for ficus plant so use what is best for your location and soil type.

Give it a final coat of mulch that helps insulate it from direct sun exposure. Look for a good quality organic garden mulch (Kaboodle Fence, Kaboodle Garden Fresh, Garden Fresh 7-Layer Spray and Finesse plants like Hawaii are nice choices as well).

You want at least a half inch of well decomposed mulch around the outside of the plant. The plant also needs water so give it a good soaking in spring and water it well on a monthly basis thereafter. When a young ficus tree that is 3 years old should be one inch tall, it will bloom again. So, more years to go for this!

If you want to get a better idea of how to grow a ficus plant your first look at the photos above may help you decide which kind of plant to buy, what type of potting mix to choose or if the mature plant would benefit from a transplant. Just remember that although this plant can be a very beautiful plant in a vase, it will not be the same plant when it blooms and gives you a beautiful flower with wonderful weight and quality in bloom.

Ficus Lyrata: How to Get New Leaves on Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle-leaf Fig plant)

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