Find an Instagram Account That Inspires You

Paint and floral décor and accessories look especially magical when served together, especially when done with a little creativity and ingenuity. However, for those of us who are artistic and love the nature surrounding us, it’s easy to forget that those kinds of décor elements are there for a reason.

Because the plant life we all know and love is so interesting and beautiful, there are so many “plant Instagram accounts” out there that showcase those very elements. By turning our attention to these accounts, we’ll all have a good time.

So, find an Instagram account that inspires you with the ability to make you put your imagination to the test.

Mother Nature inspired creator @beautybones says some of her favorite accounts to follow are @bombaykeldoujou and @dankaredak. 😀

Designer and printmaker @uhhbatie also finds inspiration in the beauty found around her. Another great account to follow is @reunitedwithlovedones — an account devoted to sharing photos and stories of inter-related loves. See a couple favorites in the gallery above.

Follow @livingforyou to see how living plants can create their own city cityscapes, like @manszuber explains.

This account is full of images by @mickeygreenscape to inspire you to get outside and stay active. Not only is @growyourart a great gardening account to follow, but there are also lots of other accounts to get inspired by. @goingsmartperlinalange and @gardenclubgs are two we love.

Last but not least, @tigerstudio shared by @phillyplants then you’ll be motivated to create outdoor spaces of your own, which include this gorgeous steamfitme.

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