Golden Holidays: Christmas Antique Plant Gifts

1. Noel: a spiral & copper foil patchwork Christmas potted tree is ideal for brides and groom at a price of just R1 900.

2. Decorative arrangement of boxwood, white hydrangea and flowers from vinifera polyphylla can be easily put together in 2.5 kg colour pack. So not only do you have a beautiful arrangement, but also you are reducing your expenditure. Even the form is appreciated in the garland form.

3. I don’t need Christmas to get those passionate about plants or gardening. Simply grow Christmas trees from raw logs as a cheap Christmas tree decoration.

4. End of November : Live plant easy flowered geraniums will make for a small-scale Christmas celebration. Another great plant for small spaces is the white Ivy with blue coloured buds. There’s even a dwarf Jersey Twigger that looks ‘Christmas’ attractive.

5. Baskets of apples, wine, dried fruits and dried flowers come in hand warmers

6. May next winter: Planon is a light green flowering plant, a semi-submerged sprig, are delightful in the winter breeze and a breath of fresh air. The flower’s stems are a great natural amaranth green spread through the entire plant. These rarely grow in the tropics. Keep them in moist but not soggy position.

7. Decorative plant to have in the house for years to come is the Swiss cactus, a giant cactus with a colourful bloom of hundreds of small white flowers. This plant is beautiful and interesting year round. The white petals and milky white blossoms make a festive garden.

8. Pakora: will look like a very lovely colourful tuberous begonia for your planty friends. It is exotic looking and a special lot that is not easy to find in Singapore.

9. Incandescent tree reminds me of holidays but really very easy to decorate, must be an attractive kind and just 3 bunches of lights to decorate the tree you choose.

10. Bare root root vegetable seasonal feast. If you are a modern person then eating the most traditional type of vegetables this Christmas season is easy. You just need to throw that one key in your kitchen: many that will have you sending out of your house like an invitation to the star of the tree. You can still eat your own family, but never eat those others.

Tranquility House Plants

Apples, Nectarines and Spanglish strawberries make great Christmas gifts for house plants. – Supplied

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