Houseplants that don’t like water, need you to help them take better care of themselves

If you’re not taking care of your houseplants it might be because you’re forgetting. Thorough watering is the key to making sure your houseplants are doing well. Here’s how to make sure they’re drinking enough water.

Not every plant likes to be watered. Plant a branch of tropical, Cercis club, called the Orchid Tree here in the states and if you throw some water on it and leave it alone for a few hours and take it outside, that water won’t be enough. I know I don’t think I ever watered my houseplants that well.

A plant that responds to the water we water it gets.

To check whether your houseplant is being watered properly, place the pot in a bowl filled with water or a bucket with water at room temperature and hold it up against the side of the plant.

Look at how far the plant dares to move away from the water. If you have a fern, and the water just goes right over and over it, you’re probably not properly watering it.

Even if you have a plant that’s a bit more amenable to being watered, water your houseplants frequently. You want them to stop taking advantage of the water they’re being used to.

Follow these simple steps to keeping your houseplants properly watered:

Fill your drinking water bowl with water and hold it up against your favorite houseplant. The water needs to stay at about 1/3 of a teaspoon to ensure that it doesn’t wet the leaves. Make sure you’re following the correct watering guidelines for each type of houseplant you have. Watering jars are available from website such as for $2.50. The pods on the side of the jar, about 1/2 inch deep, hold about the same amount of water as a single potful. You can also buy larger water buckets and put in pots of the plant with the smaller pots for $1.19 each or several for $3.99 each. Buy 2 bags of your favorite food mix from your grocery store and fill one with water and put the other one in the plant. Make sure the colors of the water in the containers are different and don’t forget to add fresh food into the containers once you’re done watering. If you have to purchase a water filter for the plants, you can find a reasonably priced one on site. Instead of buying a small to medium sized plastic or metal water filter that can be set into a hole in the bottom of the pot, consider a decorative model such as Cialis Condo Garden Water Filter. This model looks like a large bottle of water and has a distinctive look as well as a water filter that attaches to the top. You can save money by just buying the filter kit to use in your houseplants instead of spending a lot of money buying an expensive planter you never take care of. If you have a guest sitting in your house, you can take the water bottle off the bottoms of the dishes you have open and set it near the centerpiece.

While you’re at it, keep your food on the table for them. You should be able to prepare meals that’ll get your houseplants to perk up and make them more inclined to stay away from water. No one likes to keep guests around with wilted houseplants sitting on the floor eating leftovers.

If you know you’re going to be entertaining someone, be sure to set a water bottle by the food table so that your guests will be able to take the water. In doing so, you can have everyone around the table while the water is being left for your houseplants to drink.

Let’s hope you have a waterable houseplant that takes care of itself well. If you don’t, don’t be afraid to ask someone to drink out of the bottle or to make them a tea party to help keep you company. If you find your plants aren’t doing so well, there are things you can do to help turn things around for the better.


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