How to Buy and Grow Flowers for Mother’s Day

If you’re planning to give mom flowers this Mother’s Day you might be wondering what plant to buy her. Well considering mom is the ultimate gifter and best fragrance for someone you might decide to give her some flowers you just made.

This year you might be considering a plant that blooms in time for Mother’s Day. That flower growing in your friend’s yard by the way is blooming right now.

But if you’re just trying to be green all spring I’d suggest you consider giving her a plant that’s an early bloomer, like Delphiniums, Princess Dianthus or Aster Cactus. These types of plants bloom earlier than the more common annual flowers, like anemones, pansies, snapdragons and poppies.

I’ve been asked by many readers recently about selecting a perennial that I can recommend in time for Mother’s Day. This year I suggest you also consider a Staghorn Fern. They grow best in cold climates with regular frost-free weather and will produce blooms on July 25.

This is the time of year when most perennials flower but the majority are not hardy enough to withstand freezing temperatures if temperatures drop too quickly. So, if you’re looking for a plant that can survive a short lasting cold snap, consider a Staghorn Fern.

I’ll also mention that a late bloomer can flower well if the weather is great. My colleague Mike Nelson is an early bloomer, so he gets flowers from that plant and he doesn’t have to provide it.

Your mom is not the only recipient for your gift of a flowering plant. Homeowners around the world are currently looking for ways to buy plants for their homes and local business owners are also excited about selling new and unusual plant gift items during the spring.

This is the perfect time of year to look for plants for people who aren’t so sure if they can grow the plants for a while. Plants offer great value when you buy and cultivate them.

If you’re looking for a plant that requires less care as well as the most spectacular display, consider Indian Lilac or Purple Ivoryflower. These are bushes that will thrive on poor drainage grounds or on less acidic soil. They require less fertilization and won’t require herbicides or use strong watering. But if your loved one is like my mom and prefers the better of the known blooms, select two or three types of plant.

This is not a joke. My dad thought a plant destined for the landfill as scrap was a good deal and he bought me a bunch of her favorites and I started to show them off. It turned out that my dad was right and this is a versatile plant that will thrive in any location.

But remember that flowers require a beautiful, well drained soil. If yours does not perform well in rainy and humid climates then avoid plants that need a lot of water. Before you plant, however, give your mother a picture. This will be something she’ll be happy to have in her home.

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