How To Care For A Banana Peel Plant: Etc.

The peperomia obtusifolia is among the most commonly used baby rubber plants due to its drying and loving qualities. It is also one of the most sought-after baby plants for caregivers. If you are starting to plant these plants and would like to know more about how to care for them in the garden, then consider checking out these tips given by the plant’s experts:

Caretakers, Observe This Plant’s Washing

The peperomia obtusifolia likes to be evenly washed. To this effect, water the plant at the appropriate time – 7 or 8 days after it comes out of the nursery. If you would like your plant to be dried from the ground up, then water it in water twice a week. You can check the plant in the garden after this first watering and immediately after the second watering.

Protect the Plants From The Sun’s Radiation

Sporting the prominent green-black leaves, peperomia obtusifolia has resisted much sun damage over the years. It is therefore important to protect the plants from the sun’s radiation by planting them in an outdoor area with a high-to-medium amount of sheltered light exposure. This can be a gravel terrace, bush, or a well-drained area.

Since peperomia obtusifolia likes cool temperatures, it may be difficult to keep them indoors. A temperature slightly above 50 degrees Fahrenheit ensures that the plants stay active. This may, however, be difficult to achieve in the summer months since it will heat the bare soil and simply risk damaging the plants. At the same time, it is best to keep peperomia obtusifolia in a warm area.

The Same Plant Needs Periodical Maintenance

There is no room for foolish mistakes here, though. The same plant needs to be careful about what it plants in the garden. Caretakers would be well advised to water their plants at least twice a week. This is because this plant has tough leaves, which won’t allow sunlight to penetrate. Consequently, the dry soil will not encourage new growth.

Keep the Plants Hydrated

Water is a plant’s best friend and its worst enemy. When properly treated, the peperomia obtusifolia can last all day without watering. It will also not require much watering at all. On the other hand, if the right watering is not maintained, then the peperomia obtusifolia can fall prey to the weather. If the plants are not watered regularly, they will then become dry and suffer from pests and diseases. Fortunately, the best way to keep your plants hydrated is by plant-feeding.

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