How to Care for Cactus Flowers

When you’re shopping for flowers you have choices of a number of types. However, flowers aren’t the only plant that’s available this time of year and you can enjoy several flowers that are plants that you wouldn’t normally consider as a holiday option.

Among these Easter cactus robsalidopsis gaertnerrii are one that is more unusual: cactus flowers. This is a cactus that’s white with bright pastel colors that are hard to find in the wild. However, it’s hard to spot because it’s small and has a yellow center that is darker than the others.

Here’s how to care for this plant in the garden.

The plant

There are different sizes to the cactus that you can grow, but the biggest form is called the beach cactus because it looks like a cactus on the beach. Usually it has short horizontal leaves that are reminiscent of fronds. The large flower that you see is actually the stem and ends with a dainty flower.

The cactus flower is in yellow, yellow, and pale orange. It has an orange ruffled ridged petal at the front of the flower that extends to the center and a lighter pink tinge to the flower at the back. The petals are curved because the stems are easily bent as you grow with it. The petals turn black and dimple to indicate that the flower is drying. The cap is composed of two small round sections with the petals going down to the bases of the stems.

This cactus flower can grow to anywhere from 10 to 12 inches in length. If the plant is in a greenhouse it will grow faster than if it’s planted in the open field.

The roots

The cactus flower has a small root system that can be used to grow other plants. The flower’s roots come in three color varieties. The greenish-pink ones that include an orange ruffled petal, the pinkish yellow that is a lighter pink, and a white to light pink that has a brown coloration. The white ones which also have the same density are by the stem. They are shallowly rooted and usually grow to about 10 centimeters but they also can grow up to 15 centimeters.

The foliage

The cactus leaves have the same pattern of yellow that the flowers. In each shape, they have white petals. Though the leaves are not as dense as the flower, they are remarkably pronounced. The leaves of the cactus are usually erect but when you turn the side up you will get the red veins.


If you want to grow this plant in your garden, it’s an amazing addition to your garden and even become your new focal point. You can plant it in the ground or in an open location. You will want to fertilize it every six to eight weeks with a micronatum fertilizer.

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