How to Care for Your Garden-Inspired Planted Plunge

The next time you’re invited to a holiday bash, save space on the plates and start making room in your home for your own trendy, garden-inspired centerpiece. It could come in handy during a potluck dinner or as the centerpiece at your next fundraising event. And what’s better than the decorative transformation of a giant pot? Use one of these tips to keep your plants happy and flourishing.

Seedling Care

Before you go setting your seedlings into a pot, you’ll want to offer them a bit of a test run. When you plant your seedlings in the ground, the best part of them is that they quickly establish roots. Planting them in a pot with a tiny bit of soil in it will lead to difficulty in gaining the full capabilities of your plants. You’ll want to stay with the cinder blocks when setting your seeds. However, that can change depending on the size of your initial planting hole. If it’s a large-to-medium size, you may want to measure out four times the depth that you’re planning on planting your seedlings with and fill that hole with a fresh layer of soil and sand. Fill that mound with half of the material you’re going to plant, and then plant the rest of your seedlings within that mound. This will give you your first start, which will eventually lead to developing roots.

Provide the Space

Providing room for your growing plants in your home can be more than a little overwhelming at first. Once you begin to realize your shortcomings, you’ll start to learn that the best way to deal with them is to provide the space. Going through your room will likely leave you with a large place to work in and just one thing to accomplish (i.e. give your plants room to expand and grow). So, sit down and measure out the spot you need to make for your plant and work your way around the room to see where those spaces exist. And don’t forget to consider that you’ll want to create a comfortable working space to stop by every day, as well. Keep things clean, and out of sight, and your plant will be more likely to do just fine.

Hire a Helping Hand

All plants eventually need help. A household manual can be a real lifesaver for those wanting a helping hand to take care of their plants. However, knowing what to do and what not to do when managing a plant can be a bit intimidating. An online guide can help you stay on track with what you’re doing, and what to do when it’s time to start watering. Always try to leave room for the worst case scenario.

When it comes to developing your own plant collection, you’ll want to make sure that all of the correct growing process rules apply. It may help to read a book or dedicate yourself to holding a seminar that teaches you more about how to maintain your plants. But if you’re interested in buying plants as gifts, at least make sure they’re trained to be healthy and in good health. Plants don’t survive without sunshine and nutrients. You’ll want to make sure that they are getting enough of the two essential elements in the garden at all times.


Most gardeners find that they depend a lot on artificial greenery when their own plants fail to produce enough plants to go around. Keeping plants growing well with artificial plants is dependent on how much they are provided. If they’re not supplied with enough sun, they will get less sunlight. If they’re kept in a shady area, they won’t produce enough photosynthesis. If you already have artificial plants in your home, give yourself a bit of extra space to add natural ones. A small saucer can give you enough room to grow your own lush plants while also providing you with enough space to work around plants you need to weed or water.

You can also add a decorative element to your home to bring in some variety. Since your plants are growing on artificial soil, you can supplement the plants with a light reflecting green centerpiece, such as artificial pots or wine glasses, which will give a beautiful and relaxing touch to the living room.

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