IKEA Houseplant Lab, Lisa Liakh

At the IKEA in metro Atlanta, you can see flowering houseplants in a variety of pots at the design studio, but many people come to the IKEA Houseplant Lab looking for plants that can grow indoors. IKEA have the massive supply of all sorts of plants for purchase and year-round use.

Who is Anna Liakh?

IKEA Tea House Expert, Anna Liakh resides in Phoenix and works for IKEA. IKEA has a chain of stores around the world, and one of them is in Atlanta. Anna offers the services of having a plant sent anywhere from the Arizona high desert to the glasshouse in Europe for framing its freshest color, bloom and new fragrance. Anna specializes in plants that provide natural color in areas where others may be lacking in color and fragrance.

What is the decision-making process like to make sure these plants are the best for a customers needs?

We work closely with our customers, and we work closely with the cities where we have stores. The customers can ask for some color and fragrance combinations, and we bring the plants to their location, and they can test them.

How many plants are shipped out to homes, or do the people bring their own plants in?

People send their own plants, and sometimes we do the shipping here.

What are some tips for getting the best feel for your home through IKEA Design Studio?

They can choose a few small or larger plants for study, or they can take out a full collection to begin with. Whether the houseplant is for study or a larger home, the conditions have to be right for the plant to flourish.

How important is it to maintain your houseplants from the time they are purchased to the time they are taken out of the lamp shade?

It’s very important. Keep your lights as the way they should be. We recommend using an LED lamp for large plants, and using a low wattage bulb for very small plants. Clean your surroundings and any piles of dust are important. Move compost to the side and make sure to dry out your plants after their time in the house.

Have IKEA offered a lot of different houseplants for use in a space?

We can offer any form, we can have any kind. Our location and area are growing very fast, and some of the bigger succulents have also developed in popularity. We are here to encourage our customers to try them and to encourage the next generation to choose plants from our collection.

But we also have some rare plants, some orchids, some astacias and more. We offer some amazing surprises, and people learn a lot by doing such a lot.

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