Indoor Gardens That Do It For Us

Everybody knows the best indoor garden space is the den. Maybe that’s why many home remodels are becoming more and more focused on home maintenance. With all of that in mind, here’s our houseplants roundup of the absolute best things to grow indoors. Do yourself a favor and check out these indoor homes!


The earliest I remember worrying about taking care of the houseplant that was going to live indoors was after watching Ted Oakley’s How to Grow Money. Back then, the greatest concern that Ted had to take care of was where the soil would be, so be sure to pick out the right planting site for your indoor houseplant. For a low maintenance indoor houseplant (one that requires little water or care) going back to before Ted Oakley’s original How to Grow Money series, our favorite indoor houseplant has to be Tangerine Tamarindia, or Texas Snapdragons.

The serious houseplant that requires the most attention is the arum (the flower plant). They are tiny, they grow so quickly, and they need a lot of plant food (pruning is required after they flower).

Our houseplant of choice has to be Chiocarpus oleos or Euphorbia ‘Longhorn’. When you grow a plant that needs a lot of attention, take lots of time to grow it. Tolerate the unsightly growth, embrace the cuticles that grow on the shoots, and eventually you’ll have a beautiful plant that can go on the walls in your bedroom, above your doorknob, etc.


Even though there are a lot of DIY crafters out there, there isn’t many people who will actually build a self-sustaining indoor garden. This is a tough problem for people, who either need the basement of their house to be a garden, or if they have too small a home, or a lack of backyard space to place things like trellises, grow houses, and these type of gardening techniques.

Luxuriant Black Phalaenopsis and Lemon Basil are the most popular indoor plants that we personally like to have.

Or, if you want something that has more of a nautical look to it, and can be placed on your kitchen counter, use live daylilies.


When you build a greenhouse, it’s nice to have a room that’s big enough for potting soil. If you want a nursery for your home that’s filled with healthy indoor houseplants (and not just for the decorative home), this is probably what you want! We like the Sicaria lindalia series for indoor houseplants because they come in colorful pots that look to be tropical.

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