April, 2016, Apr 27, 2016 (San Diego’s East County)

Researchers have demonstrated the benefits of geraniums in a number of realms.

They’re an excellent present to lighten up homes and lend a luminous touch. They’re a strong contributor to aromatic fragrances. They add an artistic touch to designs.

We spoke to Rick Riess, owner of East County Natural Plant Experts ( And he shared the following tip with us about growing geraniums in containers:

“The most common mistake I see people make is in which bulb to grow. Although it’s safe to plant them into rock chips or pine boughs, if you want a hardy plant, you want to plant them into a small rootball.

I like to start with a three-foot diameter tub. These root balls come with entire bags of “Mandynberg” with hairspray that are set beneath the root ball. Placing the root ball in the soil and massaging it will provide the right soil, temperatures and moisture. The plant will end up just like it was when they were purchased — sheathed in three feet of dirt. If you think I’m crazy, try growing baby kale in a tub, too. It does very well in the tub.

Wiring a tub gives you access for watering if you’re drying the soil, and it provides natural air circulation and keeps pests and disease out.”

Guiding Gardener — How to Plant & Care for Geraniums in Containers

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