Kids Get Involved In Their Mother’s Garden This Earth Month!

The Nation – April 22, 2011 -: Earth Month is April 22nd and one great way to get you kids involved in earth-friendly activities is to have your children plant indoor or outdoor plants while helping sustain the trees and gardens here in Detroit! “Flowers, trees, or plants are an important element to your home or home landscape but don’t overlook the many benefits that growing vegetation brings… planting trees and perennials alongside a landscape of flowers and shrubs keeps rainwater running off the ground, soaking in and helping to filter out pollutants,” says Dave Hatcher, agent and manager for Tangerine Tree Company, the original Michigan Tree-Heavy Roofer. He continues, “That plus watering each plant’s roots keeps your garden well water and healthy and reduces the amount of water wasted on application of fertilizers in the garden.”

Drop off of plants today! For the rest of April, our Detroit area Urban Family Nursery plans on having a number of area elementary schoolchildren volunteer for the Tangerine Tree Company’s Tree-Heavy Roofer. To sign up your child, visit our website:

When you give your children a chance to get into the act of helping garden and restore the natural environment, you can get in the habit of teaching your children how to appreciate how our green world works and how it has evolved through years of stewardship. Children’s gardens and efforts to repair the world will be visible to their parents and families as they walk through the gardens.

Since 1986, the Detroit EcoCenter has been helping its community to become more environmentally conscious, helping anyone with any idea to become a green advocate and making it a valuable part of their lives. A paid membership to the EcoCenter provides its members with free weekend gardening and science workshops and is available at the Detroit EcoCenter. For more information please visit the Detroit EcoCenter website:

We are very excited about Earth Month and for Tree-Heavy Roofer’s 40th Anniversary! Until then, keep your kids indoors and out of the sun and ensure your property doesn’t get over water stressed by helping planting their pots of indoor or outdoor plants while generating your own homemade or commercial compost that can be used to keep all of the plants healthy.

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