Living in the Garden: A Way to Heal, Reduce Stress, and Rejuvenate Our Health

Working with plants provides us with so many opportunities to connect with nature. It’s why we often see gatherings of people all cultivating plants. Or standing around talking about each other’s plants.

A new study has found that while spending more time with your plant will help you feel better, it isn’t the only reason you should be getting out and spending time outdoors.

The new study showed, however, that spending time in nature reduces stress and anxiety, and improves mood. Research has shown that taking care of our environment can be great for our health and that green spaces have health benefits.

And that’s especially true because our health stems directly from the things we do every day. The more we use our environment the better healthy we’ll be, according to a recent study.

Pairing our natural surroundings with light and sunlight can be great for our health. There’s a growing field of research called plantage in medicine.

Studies have been conducted on how light affects our health. A recent study found that daylight reduces fatigue in both children and adults.

And the good news is that not only can plants or trees help us feel better, but people also can work with plants to bring out their own health benefits. At a simple plant call, scientists discovered natural ways to repair stress.

It all started about nine years ago, when a group of scientists started a nonprofit called Healing Garden Project. As its name suggests, the Healing Garden Project helped people heal by growing plants.

Why bring these two things together? What would they have in common? People who took regular walks with their trees, would gain a new perspective on their surroundings.

“For nearly a decade, we’ve been planting trees in public areas, helping people experience nature in new ways and drawing attention to both the importance of trees and the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of pruning,” said co-founder and pediatrician and natural medicine doctor, Dr. Stephanie Keith.

As a pediatrician, I’ve noticed how when a baby is nursing, it allows the mother to look at the outside of the room, whether a tree or a dog, instead of just at her own body. I’ve seen what tree stands can do for asthma sufferers. And you might see the same benefits for yourself.

Growing or watching trees in nature can renew both the heart and mind. It’s what Dr. Keith has seen. She’s seen the health benefits. She’s also seen how the trees grow back and as the trees bloom again, the fresh air and sunlight become so much more powerful.

Dr. Keith has seen hundreds of people walk through the Healing Garden Project’s public walkways and get the same benefits. People have experienced things like a new perspective on everyday life, felt closer to their environment and taken back control of their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Take a walk through our gorgeous trees in our public spaces and you’ll see what I mean.

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