Mistletoe Cactus – Rhipsalis spp. Indoors Care Tips

Dec 3, Mistletoe Cactus – Rhipsalis spp. Indoor Care Tips Wonderful hedgehog Cactus gets new life from decoration, mass distribution and dedicated care This beautiful member of the Japanese Cactus Family is a great choice for entertaining or indoor decoration. The light and refreshing fragrance of mistletoe extracts attracts any plant. Whether your plant is fan-dipped or misted as a daily routine, mist is a perfect companion to indoor plants and a wonderful organic source of aroma. Read the Delaunay Inspirations booklet to hear the story behind the introduction of this delightful flower.

Dec 3, Mistletoe Cactus – Rhipsalis spp. Indoor Care Tips Christmas season means Christmas parties, family gatherings and stress. This wonderfully attractive and easy to care Hedgehog Cactus gets new life from decoration, mass distribution and dedicated care. I bought a dozen of these unusual plants last year and, they survived the stress of Christmas celebrations and the accumulation of sawdust that made the bases stick to the ceiling. Christmas cheer does not mean ruining indoor plants. This cactus lives, thrives and grows when treated with my personal accessory: fragrance. From DIY and woodshops, mass channels, and houseplants fairs, the modern cactus wanders into living spaces everywhere. Choose a company that gives precise instructions on how to maintain the plant’s stunning appearance and happy life. Complete growing procedures make sure that your beloved Hedgehog Cactus becomes the decorative feature of any outdoor or indoor decor. How to care for Mistletoe Cactus: care of this cute and well-adapted plant How to care for flowering plants Herbs Your herb plants grow healthy and strong without a lot of fuss. When your cactus gets somewhat green-hued, make your extra in-season watering soak last longer. Make sure to conserve water at night and during periods of drought or high humidity. Keep watering at the base of the tuber to prevent dryips, which commonly form without the particular soil type in which you grow your cactus. Water your cactus every day, even during dry spells. For a consistently high fragrance, eat most of your weekly plant fertilizer within 24 to 48 hours of application. Trim, water and feed regularly.

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