Monstera woods — a great tree for a home landscape

There are many wonderful varieties of Monstera. Monstera woods, or mountains as it is known, are extremely important to plant in the garden because of their stellar functionalities. Because these plants are native to the Himalayas, you can still expect nice, upright, almost vertical forms that can reach over six feet tall. Keep in mind that more solid skeletons are better-suited for cold winters and colder soil than taller, more diagonally-shaped trees.

Monstera woods are also long-lived trees that can live between 60 and 120 years, depending on the location of the tree. Their dense foliage aids in insulating the soil and keeps out tree pests and other diseases. If you consider adding this tree as part of your home landscape, be sure to divide it as soon as possible so that you can get your new grown plants ready for the nursery at a fair price.

This variety is very well-suited for the cool season months and can grow best in the spring and fall when the weather is cool and it is not too cold outside. For outdoor plants, add this tree to your collection of tree-like plants for extra foliage during hot summer months. Then, as the temperatures cool down during the fall, you can place the trees in the outdoor balcony or patio. This is a fruit tree which produces many fruits and one fruit is equal to 15 cones. The mature sized fruit is extremely sweet. You can make additional fruits by cutting off the back of the tree and giving them a thin skein of wood or string to hold on to. You can hang this type of tree from a tree in the backyard at night to prevent it from going over the fence and replacing the rest of the tree with an enormous monster. It will make your collection much more interesting and that is why it is considered a great tree to add to your home landscape.

The high-density foliage and additional nutritious fruits can act as a full fat protein and fiber replacement. It is also better for adding to your vegetable garden because of its benefits. Super Long Roots, and Mulching

Monstera woods are low-to-the-ground, compact trees and probably the best for not spreading diseases, preferring to stay in its specific location. Since these trees can only grow very high, you should remove the trees that cannot reach six feet in height or over six feet in overall diameter. Remove the large branches and outer limbs that break off when the tree is out of shape or out of water. If it is not safe to trim all the way back on the exterior of the tree, cut as much as you can and put it in the compost pile. This way, you can expand and add to your garden without any competition. With the smaller branches that break off or are removed, the tree’s root mass increases and its root structure is increased. This will help the tree cope better with dry, hard, harsh winters. Mulching and covering that top 6 inches will provide protection from frost and pruning and drainage practices reduce soil degradation by as much as 50 percent. Mulch will prevent the tree from rotting of its trunk and leaves. It also will contain pests that are eating the tree and protect the new plants from insects. All you need to do is sprinkle a little animal-litter mixture down on the top of the foliage, leaving a six-inch area where it can grow and retain the nutrients of the soil and you have a nice, natural, waterproof plant without any disease problems.

Local Nursery

If you are interested in having a tree planted in your home landscape, check out the local nurseries in your area. Make sure to select the same tree that the person purchasing the tree was looking for. Look for a tree that stands well for weather and will have branch tips that resemble the ones in your garden. Buy this type of tree to be sure and feel that it is the correct one for your home landscape. Here are just a few of the select Monstera woods to add to your garden.

Garden Patch Trunk Co. — 1-800-252-9407

Ledo Nursery — 212-268-7000

Hummel Nursery — 601-277-0000

Joshua Tree — 475-388-7229

Sunnyside Nursery — 877-849-5590

Zicha Northland — 800-411-9551

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