Mother’s Day Flowers: Five Tips To Help Make Your Mother Smile

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and mom deserves something special, so it’s time to make her feel beautiful and love every day. If you’re in need of some gift ideas, the Mother’s Day flower show this coming Sunday at the Horticultural Society of Philadelphia’s Anita J. Demerest Hall is an ideal place to begin. Below are some pointers on how to pick a flower to give your mom this year.

Make Sure Your Mom Loves Houseplants

Many people are giving flowers to mom this year because she had heart surgery some time ago. Others are giving flowers this year because mom and dad had trouble with their home and the thought is it’s nice to do something to help them out and have some peace of mind. But, before you give her a heart-shaped terrarium or the fashionable Wisteria Hall Plant Sets, make sure that mom loves houseplants.

This has been proven. Research has shown that people who suffer from depression and anxiety have not only problems taking care of their homes, but also their own emotional health. Giving her a houseplant can give her back the ability to cope with stress. The very act of care makes you know that it was her desire to have the home you choose to live in and care for, not your order.

Take Care of The Plants

To make sure that your mother enjoys having flowers by her side for days or weeks, make sure that you keep the plants as close to her or in an area that she prefers. Don’t give her an area that is too far from her bedroom because that will often lead to the succulent plants getting shear damages and only good things will come out of it. Her garden will be just as green and floral as it was when she gave her home to you, and that’s why you should be there to make sure that it stays just as that.

Familiarize Her With Your Flower Staff

Another piece of advice that we can give our mothers this year is that they should actually ask us to give them a gift and for us to explain the idea of it. Making sure that mom has the opportunity to pick out the gift she wants for the holiday is the best idea, and hopefully she’ll even like it and be appreciative of it.

One thing you can do to provide that is to spend time with her outside of giving her flowers. Come on, talk to her about her dreams and interests and let her know what you’d like to see her in the future. Without encouraging her, the houseplant won’t get the benefit and growing can be easy, especially if she enjoys her cacti and succulents, which have a much more sparse area of soil than a regular houseplant.

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