New New York Home Decor Products: Home Decor Items of 2016

Phytl is a New York based enterprise known for their growing plants that are cryogenically frozen in liquid nitrogen and then activated before the next stage of growth. Phytl immediately is able to take a “seed”, and through observation and analysis, is able to ascertain which plant mediums and other related products that may be needed. Often, the process to rejuvenate a plant can take several years from the time the original material is removed. Once revived, the plant may be sold as an “essential oil” or a raw leaf. Phytl has also worked with companies to create mixed-formulas for use in culinary oils, plus they are experts in soil fertilizers and plant food products. Another company owned by Michelle Russewell is BluForever (, a Canadian company that specializes in serious imaging and illumination for display and in food processing. Both firms are now emphasizing the idea of the Phytl Device, a flat screen that is able to produce a dim luminescent switch in eight colors. Currently, the only model produced by Phytl is limited to just a few colors at the moment. For example, a green option uses greens on the screen, with green crease lines at the center.

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