Perfect Light In The Perfect Place: Redwood Pendant Grow Lights With LED Wire Rings

The light fixture design we have looked at for many years can be prone to heating up under too much direct sunlight, or simply being too small when it comes to attaching to the tree. Luckily for us, these new modern Pendant Grow Lights from Redwood Lamp are perfect for the garden to bring that inky, star-like quality back to the lighting fixture. They are designed specifically for that location that has a lot of sunlight to depend on for growing your own fruit, where the heat and physical distance between the light fixture and the tree can pose a serious issue to grow your own orchids, citrus, fig, pineapple or wherever.

The centerpiece of this amazing style is the large, beautiful globular LED bulb that is attached to the top of the light fixture with cables. Redwood’s impressive weight and form factor is hidden in its design, as it is made of a light aluminum material and plenty of LEDs to create a stunning show and long life for your plant. The growing process itself was selected by Redwood’s team, and the plant shoots, roots and leaves are attached in an LED tape to ensure that they grow naturally into new growth after picking up a few new needles.

The lights are controlled using the LED clip on mount that can be attached to any easily-manipulated outlet. You can easily adjust the size of the plant for different levels of light exposure or time, or if you want a grand garden in the middle of your yard, you can connect it to one of the new eco-friendly Amazon Alexa Activators to activate it to only turn on when you tell it to.

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