PHOTO ALERT: Hydrangea Care Tips

May 5, 2018 (Pismo Beach, CA) – With many hydrangeas showing new buds already, it’s important to know if hydrangeas are right for your garden. We always do, starting with their care, and today we’ll share the care and care of hydrangeas. Just as people think of roses when we talk about care of roses, people know hydrangeas are something you can start here in Northern California with some good old-fashioned rose bush, and water helps the plant survive. The North American Garden Center of Parks Funeral Home & Crematory in Pismo Beach offers hydrangeas as their 1st line of defense in the battle against homeowners needing eternal rest by covering their gardens with a beautiful flowering piece of property.

Roses prefer heavy rainfall in the season, but Hydrangeas love soil that drains well. Since hydrangeas thrive on sunshine in the winter months, it’s important to have a few varieties that still resist drought when you can grow them indoors for months, perhaps year round. In the winter, when fog rolls in and it’s night and day, these little homing pigeons will return to light and bloom, and give the garden some joy.

Hydrangeas grow best with lots of room, so get the best space for them. If your landscape is small, when you are adding a few plants around the block, your Hydrangea selections might be too small. Also, don’t choose a Hydrangea for your special place unless you are able to properly nurture them over the winter, and water them. For many years, hydrangeas suffered from Foliage diseases and annual woes, and are now so much better for people to have in their homes. What was once called variegated, with often painful red leaves, is now a fairly common Hydrangea cultivar. Variegated hydrangeas like new matted tips. Keep the cutbacks short during the winter months to save water and protect from winter damage.

If you find that you have serious amounts of water from natural sources, don’t worry. Hydrangeas don’t require very much water, and with water from us, and watering from them, they can grow extremely fast. Don’t try to be a liquid rainmaker, it’s better to have water from them constantly, and water them regularly to encourage healthy blooms. Add plenty of organic fertilizer such as Kew and Docella to the soil so the plants get a healthy boost, and keep an eye on the amount of water for both hydrangeas and roses in your garden so that it doesn’t overstress the delicate plants.

Here are a few Hydrangea Care tips, worth following any time, but especially for those growing in puddles: Start with a rich soil and no water! Add some organic fertilizer or stones to make the bottom, almost level with the earth, to replace salts or dog manure that remain after snow melts. This will help the plant achieve faster growth. Try to let the light turn to a shady setting as much as possible, because, by the time the growing season is over, you will need less and less light to plant and grow your plants. But, don’t forget to feed them, in hopes they will thrive, with plants such as Kew or Docella. Of course if you can’t put out a regular watering schedule for your Hydrangea planting, use a floating row cover to protect them from the winter heat. In Pismo Beach it’s easy to purchase and clean up the scene well, but just like many gardeners can’t control the weather, if you can’t control hydrangea care, it could kill your soil type all together.

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