Plant of the Day: Monstera Adansonii

Monstera Adansonii is known as the ‘Greatest Flower in the World’ in ancient Greece and Rome, according to general scholars. The beautiful flower has attributes similar to many of the world’s great flowers, including inconspicuous wings and can be seen in nature in many facets, while it can also take a position of prominence as part of an accented wall.

Monstera Adansonii was known during the Shang Dynasty as many called them ‘Sky-Winged’ flowers. Other historians have declared them to be ‘Scaled Up Flowers.’

The True Meaning of Monstera

Monstera Adansonii (Ossana, ukokali, devani) is a multi-flowered species of flowering plant found on hills, in valleys, canyons, and rivers. Usually, they are described as having rounded, rounded bell-shaped undersides, approximately six centimeters tall and two to four feet wide. A distinctive characteristic of Monstera Adansonii is that they are fan shaped as seen in photos, and a common sighting is that they were the first plant flowers grown in ancient times. The genus, Ossana, is also known as the Plant of Six Timelines.

When they are blooming and growing, they are generally described as having been imported into ancient Athens and Rome. Some of the earliest descriptions of Monstera Adansonii came from the Metaxas (173 BC). The earliest map references Titana Adansonii being planted in the Greek gates (Titanagoras 303). It is said that when this species was first planted in the in town of Athens, it was ‘the most beautiful flower in the world’ (New Hippocrates). This description is attributed to the Greek historian Metaxas.

The How-To

In this article, we will be focusing on how to propagate Monstera adansonii. It is imperative to have a healthy pot in order to produce a good-quality potted Monstera Adansonii. To see how you can grow a healthy pot, we will have to say that they have some ripeness in young plants and slowly deteriorate after year one.

These are your vital questions. In most pots, water when necessary and think about fertilization of the pots. Pots in pots that are improperly irrigated are going to experience a major decline in flowering due to the lack of moisture.

Plants are usually started from seeds rather than from a broken seed. After soaking in water for two to three days, the bulbs should be broken open and pulled out at an angle. They will be compressed so that they can flow freely on the bottom of the pot.

The root bulbs are then placed in a tray and left to dry for about two weeks. Ideally, the pot should have a netting barrier and now a peaty thick film around the pot. According to, with help of Rookies Garden Guides, they will grow for eight to ten weeks.

Finally, the plants are transported to fresh soil for their next plant. We are going to attempt to obtain a snapdragon today as one of our favourite on a isife menu. So this is our first order.

There is a good chance that you will not achieve the amazing bloom of the monstera adansonii. But you can still collect a few little patches of potting mix to plan another batch of garden plant.

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