Plant ornaments that help reduce winter heat loss

Q: Can you show me some Christmas ornaments that are meant for plants? And if so, I know it is about time to start caring for and transplanting them into the landscape!

A: Winter is here and, with it, a plea to all of us to plant soon. Plants do thrive with an early starter in the ground that is bright and sunny. They thrive at or above 40°C (104°F). Those who like the bounty that comes from bulbs will want to get them in place in order to start harvesting in April.

Plants that thrive with prolonged cold conditions are gingers and azaleas. Also to try for in colder areas are willows, ash and other shade plants that can survive below 0°C (32°F). New and young growth should be climbed quickly as water loses heat and nutrients from roots during photosynthesis. Sow plants in deeper soil as they spread quickly, and then transplants to the garden. Most of the rain we get is absorbed. Make sure that watering is delayed until conditions are conducive.

Some nursery catalogs have Christmas plant ornaments available, and this year I am among those that offer them. Every plant-lovers Christmas list has a favorite ornament and, for most of us, it is either a holiday spruce or wreath hanging. I prefer ornaments for tropical plants as they are easiest to keep or place in the soil. Many tropical plants are hardy to lower temperatures.

There are different plant-based ornaments available. Some are made from resin with an edible cream centre or mint. There are also plant-based ornaments that rely on fiberglass or other non-durable materials, such as cardboard or used crayons.

Real – edible – conch shells are available as plant-based ornaments. Sculpin Plant’s Wreath of Conch Leaves delivers the charm of sculpin conch and its cones in a soft wreath. The Conch Carrying Tree Candle Delivery Co.’s ornaments of conch to the Edge by Nature Collection are covered with a lava chiseled metal lattice of tiny sculpin shell. Or look for design treasures that engage a sense of touch: Purpurea Botanical’s Christmas Ornaments are one-of-a-kind pieces, hand-carved from 20 stone cactus stem.

I will include decorative planters and accessories in this year’s topic, but more festive plant gifts are available.

Any plant-based ornaments will make the garden “special” year round.

Marty Hughley

Mountain View Nursery

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