Planting Seed for Your Newest Vegetable Tree

Plants are now flowering around the world. They’re growing fast as a result of the current hot climate. Quite a few people like to grow an avocado plant from seed, but many don’t know how to plant the seeds and are left wondering what to do. The easiest way to plant seed is to use a hoe, but if you don’t have one then sometimes you have to chop the seed into pieces and store it at room temperature in a sealed container.

Either way, the best way to grow an avocado seed is to allow it to sprout seeds in a pot of water and let them germinate in the sun.

If you use a hoe, make sure you cut all sides of the seed to about one inch from the soil. Cover the seeds in soil by a quarter inch and let them sprout.

If you chop the seed in half and put it in a plastic bag, make sure you give it a little air. You don’t want it to dry out as this can be harmful to the plant.

Some people follow this procedure more than others, but they must have had good results, because in recent years I’ve planted avocado seeds right from the seed packet.

About the Author: Tracy Morris-Cooper is the associate editor of the Miami Herald and other local newspapers. She lives in Coconut Grove, FL, with her husband who works as a social worker. Her passions include gardens, cooking, theater and entertaining. You can find her here.

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