Podcast Competition: RadioShack Industry Experts, Free Food. We can’t beat that!

WHAT IS A Podcast?

Podcasts are highly personalized and popular internet radio shows you can find online or on your mobile device

A podcast is based on short-form audio (between five and 50 minutes)

A podcast is traditionally broadcast on a medium (i.e. internet radio)

A Podcast is audio or video streamed to a user’s computer

A Podcast is available to a specific listener via the online recording or distribution server

A Podcast can be uploaded or downloaded and transferred to another listener.

Contributed by @BexD, Insane 5 p.m. Wednesday nights, The Cozy Pumpkin, #cocoothopples.

For more information: Visit: www.insane5powell.com


What is your biggest passion? Listening to podcasts! Do you ever listen to new podcasts? If you have at least two favorite podcasts for what really interests you, send us an email with your complete email address and your brief story (3 to 5 words), and we will award you with a price tag-less Bouillon Noodle bowl.

Be sure to include where you live in your email so we can give you the most bang for your buck. You must contact me to hear your way on the list and make sure we have your complete email address.

Entries close Tuesday at 11:59 p.m.

The prize: Chicken and Beef Rice Bowl

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