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Feb 9, Anthurium Plant Care

How to Grow Anthurium andraeanum Indoors

February 8, 2016 (Long Beach, CA) – Today’s Your Garden section gives tips on how to handle Aldabra’s fragrant flowers, recently featured in the cover story, “Fresh Foliage and Flowers: Baby Aalsins” (Feb 8, 2016, Long Beach, CA) . Introducing two native plants to those who love the smell of the little pot, this portfolio features Dr. Eric Peterson, California Master Gardener and volunteers, June Couch and Robert Archer. Together with 22 other volunteers, their intense work ethic has made the volunteer crew of Long Beach Assembly County Health Services’ Plant Sale the envy of the plant sales’ communities.

“I thought that the article on all the beautiful plants offered to local residents made me want to help plant one of my favorite plants, Aalsins,” stated Peterson. “But, when I looked at the photo, I was instantly attracted to the fragrant flowers of Aalsins andraeanum Indoors. I’ve always loved this plant, because of the smell of its beautiful flowers. When there is a combination of lacy flowers and the fragrant aroma inside, it is truly one of a kind,” said Peterson.

Aalsins is a genus of ethereal, fragrant flowering plants with a delicate flower with a narrow leaf curled on its base. If placed in a sunny window, the flowers make excellent centers for trailing ivy or crotons; however, placing the leaves on the ground is also a successful technique.

Much like the fragrant fragrance, there is an odd smell to Aalsins Indoors.

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