Repot Your Hoya Plants: Give Your Garden In Control

By Kristen Schenone

Keep your hoya plants happy and healthy this growing season with this three step plan for re-potting your hoya plants. They thrive in some light potted conditions, but they need to be given more room for the night-time light to regulate growth.

Hoya Plants: How to Repot


Remove & Store Hoya Plants: Put in a cooler and place in your attic (not attic/freezer) for a few days to kill off any growth.

Remove root systems: Flatten hoya roots into a bit of soil and replace the medium with three types of compost. If you have a mix of loose soil or raised soil bed, add these three types to the mixture, too: fiber or other thick soil, coarse or heavy soil and straw or grass clippings.

Remove leaves: Remove leaves and outermost rings from any new soil and feed. Leaf laying can help the plant utilize more oxygen.

What to do:

How to repot and re-water:

Only turn the hoya plants once a month.

Don’t water too often: Water your hoya plants just enough to cover the soil surface when you water, and move hoya plants to a different spot as soon as they need new water.

Check drainage: Because plants grow into the soil, cleaning the drainage holes will help when repotting.

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How to Avoid, Prevent, and Repot:


Masking soil with dirt makes a natural cover, but masking plant leaves at the plant’s root will kill it.

Grow without soil: Just plant, plant, plant! Cover most of the leaves with other surfaces (comfortable but off-white floor linoleum, upholstery, ceramic floor tiles, metal spandex, slate or wood), and cover with a couple inches of a plant’s original rootball or soil mixture. This will reduce any standing water and keep the plant healthy.

While the plant is still growing, sprinkle fertilizer every two weeks with an equal amount of the mixture needed to replenish soil nutrients and water moisture balance, too.


Cleaning or removing potting soil from hoya plants before repotting the plants. The soil retains moisture better than soil still on the plant.

Adding compost to compost pile to recomposition. This can be fine, as composted mulch can be used on vegetables.

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