Seagrape Biodiscovery Program

The development of seeds grown from the clonal germplasm of Seagrape, the second grafting of the seed germinated for plant science use and Seagrape’s cooperation with the Florida Agricultural Research & Development Center for Seagrape breeding.

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Dr. Eva Borowsky

Florida Agricultural Research & Development Center


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Seagrape grew from seed part 2 can be found in two decades in the Florida desert

Building upon the contributions of Florida State University agricultural scientists and the past development of Seagrape seeds used for oil production in the world’s fashion industry, “Seagrape: The Future Is in the Seed” reveals the secrets to Seagrape’s next stage of evolution. Not only has the life cycle of Seagrape plants been extensively researched in close cooperation with the National Institutes of Health, the company used its secure seed database to develop the seed grown in Seagrape’s biotechnology research center in Everglades City, Florida.

Seed from the Seagrape clonal germplasm will be tested with well known food items such as pastries, chocolate and ice cream. Unlike most biotechnology seeds, Seagrape is sterile, but it has the potential to produce crops as desired.

The seed part II and the seed related phenotype are two components of a new research program that will advance Seagrape into the markets worldwide. The third component is taking Seagrape breeding out of the lab and into the field.

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