Terra Nova’s Kyle Forbes: An inner plant nerd

Beautiful blossoms and small plants are in season now.

Combination Bloom Kits

Celebrate spring, with its trifecta of blazing colors, by adding tiny greens to your spring garden.

Caring for Combination Bloom Kits

Incorporate gorgeous swaths of color into your spring garden by pairing hostas, purslane, and scabiosa. Mix these colorful vertical plants together and create a sumptuous outfit for the terrarium.

Combination Bloom Kits: Not the only way to combine flowers and plants! Other color ways to incorporate hostas, purslane, and scabiosa.

There are plenty of ways to grow your plants in containers or for your own.

Lazy gardener

Lazy gardener? The prickly plants are too much work for the lazy gardener, and the beginning of the plant season doesn’t offer much time to freshen up. Plant combos can be especially useful when using containers and for easy growing in containers.

Lazy gardener-exploring how to use and arrange hostas, purslane, and scabiosa as a color scheme.

A fabulous combination

Caring for Combination Bloom Kits

Once you do the dishes or get some work done, get your plants ready for spring. One fun way to add fun color to your terrarium is to make flower wallpapers. Works in big pots or small, it can be easily dressed up and decorated, and florists can add flowers to keep your container looking its best.

Lazy gardener-festooning your terrarium with flowers.

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