The 39 Newest and Most Unique Plant Species You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

Our planet is home to many different plant species, many of which we don’t yet know exist. But that’s no reason to let our eyes wander off to the back for the produce aisle. Plants do the exact same work to churn out their nutrient-rich leaves, flowers, nuts, fruits and everything else you’ll come across in grocery stores.

Phenomenal Plants Don’t Just Come from the Land Down Under

While fruits, vegetables and nuts are brought to us by plane and by ship, many of the plant species found around the world are given up by Mother Nature and select plants could even be illegal to grow because they’re considered “cultural goods”. The real reason plants aren’t cultivated on earth is because of various factors, including the need for pollination and for something to grow well for certain reasons.

Among other things, plants are mentioned in the first paragraph because new and exciting plant species can make for great discoveries. More than likely, your neighbor planted this exotic new tree, not because it was free, but because its ability to produce a perpetual supply of vigorous, sugar-loving leaves is probably worth it.

This list is just a taste of what’s on the local black market. New, unusual plants can be found for a decent amount of money online. If you’re not careful about which ones you buy, you could be buying a plant you won’t be able to live with or sell.

Looking for a unique plant for your own garden, or one you can learn to love? There are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on exotic varieties of plants, including making your own at home. Check out more information and the entire list for 39 new species to take your breath away.

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