The flower you have in your hand

And you want plants that bloom for a year, (but if you want them blooming, summer is the time). Time is a precious commodity and keeps you from doing things right. It’s called work time, and the best way to organize your time and see a long-term goal through to completion is to organize your environment, and plants. So, when you are done working, relax, wait a minute, think, or do something else. Your eyes will open, and you will see what was inside. Your mind will start to focus in on the plants and then go to the garden. You are at your optimum plant setting, whatever that looks like.

It’s no different in nature, you haven’t learned life yet, you are just learning about plants. Plants can be used as a learning tool in plant identification, propagation, and care, or it can remain a living, breathing thing that you didn’t know about. Just see how easy it is to have beautiful things in the garden. Remember, flowers last longer than water.

Even more to be proud of is that it’s cheap and easy to have. No timer needed, but you can use it. With less than $20, you can have a garden of beautiful ones, showing you what you want for your garden and picture the pictures of your plants in a box. Be sure you buy the right kind of cut flowers, it’s hard to make that progress without the right kind of cut flowers. You have so many cut flowers at your disposal to take care of that if you don’t have the right amount available, things won’t get done. You want your favorite flowers.

Take time to tell yourself “I will do the best I can in this moment to get the thing done.” We know we can do it. Flowers help remind us what matters most, and what we are here for. Yes, we do need to do the best, but we do have to let go of worries about that. In doing so, you can get more things done.

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Introduction: Stock your garden with Producers for a lifetime of fresh flowers and plants

Weekly Producers

Daily Show – May 1st on KOGO

Why you need Producers in your garden to bloom and grow

Multiple Seasons – The system to grow summer flowers & plants in the spring

Top 10 Best Plants for the Garden, and why you need them

When planting, before staking, incorporate a variety of planting sites with 10 to 20 plants per site to create the “secret garden,” and that way you never get tired of planting, and the plants will last all season long

Stock your gardens with Producers for a lifetime of fresh flowers & plants

Weekly Producers

Daily Show – May 8th on KOGO

Why you need Producers in your garden to bloom and grow

Your Favorite Flowering Plants – Morning Post Checkout

· Beautiful and Small – Plant lots of flowers, including some you know – for all seasons, use new cultivars & remember flowers with no pollination will bloom later.

· Bright flowers in the morning to brighten the house & garden in the evening

· Short flowering blooms, one to two weeks are super convenient

· Back-yard roses for the entire life cycle from egg to bloom

· New varieties that have space limitations & special areas

· Long-lasting, baby pansies that are bigger, pinker and prettier

· Short blooming kale for the salad garden to be ready in four weeks

· Offering family members a planting opportunity and easy to keep herbs

· Plenty of flowers to plant in big baskets. #1 easiest flower to grow for the whole family!

· Pickers tools for quick pickings for all ages. One-hand picking is best for younger children to enjoy.

· Mix of flowers & flowers that you’re familiar with

· Hand-pulled herb mix

· Miniature floral beds for the kids

· Light, reflective plants – cool that walkway, use reflective material.

· Flowers that are small in size and fairly easy to weed

· Miniature herb beds for kids to enjoy and you to see what you have

· Creative flowers to create a special space in your yard and garden

· Medium to large sized plants to create a spacious garden

· Large flowers for yards of 50 to 100+ feet

· Plants for patio gardeners

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