The Three Ways You Can Place A Botanical Ornament

Filling your home with other living things seems to have some interesting benefits. You can love nature and enjoy other life-giving plant life that surrounds you while visiting family and friends. Apart from growing beautiful and unique plants, you can also have fun looking at your home and decorate it in ways you would like. To you, botanical ornament making may sound like another step in decoration and fine décor. It is not. To you botanical ornaments could also be a treasure hunt. Botanical ornaments are not designed for beautification but decoration. For this reason, they may, in some rare cases, be used as prize ornaments for no other reason than to bring you great joy.

Botanical Ornaments are available in three different ways: Heirloom pottery, fenced and generic. Any of these three can be found at most decor stores.

Hoyno Takotsu style botanical ornaments

Hoyno Takotsu (Hoyno for “sounds of nature”) or “sound of flowers” style Botanical ornaments are made of cherry wood with silk lined circles, fishbones, and a pleasing slant. The shape has been derived from the beautiful element of the cherry tree that offers the beauty of fresh flowers. Their quality and color varies depending on the manufacturer.

The aroma of cherry blossoms can be smelled with one click.

Hoyno Takotsu Botanical ornaments come in small packs and feature single or double leaves and colorful leaves. They are durable, and the decorations have no stains or scratch.

Doll Dushinjameskewerst

Dushinjameskewerst is a Japanese brand that specializes in natural, traditional botanical ornament making. You can order online or in the Japan market. Its products are shaped like working plants for pet and bird feeders, but it also offers working plants shaped like furniture, TV stands, and other types of structural materials. These works can be decorated with special coats and decorations to a degree you can make to match your style.

Dushinjameskewerst’s works can be the same in color as the plant and dimension the same but it come with solid installation for the plants. Dushinjameskewerst botanical ornaments can be used as individual or as part of a bed or room with similar units for decoration.


Takatoshi Kaneko-subwori Sanku

Takatoshi Kaneko-subwori Sanku (Kaneko-subwori for “English”) is another botanical ornament manufacturer with long experience. The company manufactures elegant, beautiful flowers in cashmere, cotton, and silk fabric. Its ornament decoration of brightly colored wild floral tissue covers offered by Kilimanjaro Flowers grow out of many substrates, including natural, carefully controlled microorganisms, are also fun and glamorous in appearance.

Kangako Fruit Tree Ornament

Kangako Fruit Tree Ornament features the marriage of flowers with fruit. It is a dragon fruit or a peach. Colorful red, green, orange, yellow, and purple flowers fill in the bottom of the fruit, so that the fruit body can be decorated as it lies. Some patterns used by Kangako’s botanical art are geometric spirals, tubular shapes, bent steel, and phrases! These colorful and intricate designs make it fun to decorate. Fruit tree ornament becomes a gift! Kangako’s botanical ornaments can also be enjoyed as decorations of bed, room, patio, or anywhere you want.

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