These plants will make your summer absolutely magical

Ah, summer. What better way to spend a steamy day than with a box of ultra-sticky air-scented phytoplankton, be they gooey snowballs or mushy kebabs? The range of these air-focused underwater creatures is limitless, and in celebration of the season’s biggest gift, we present to you the best plants that can be bought to add to your pets’ aquatic adventures. Not only are these plants attractively easy to grow, they’re also as cozy and plump as a waterspout.

Water oaks

With their robust bark and strong arching tendrils, these tall plants add a refreshing touch to any deck or balcony. Even better, they only require periodic care and chilling periods.

Underwater pufferfish

These aquatic figures do more than just look amazing, they’re extremely functional. These mollusks are grown to look dainty and slender, then grow back to their former size and bite size after an obligatory chilling period.


This water hoe is an exotic freshwater species that delivers that extra kick of moisture. Swimmer only take a short time to grow to full stature and then gain some extra girth when warmed up. They’re fussy enough to survive — and thrive — in cooler and warmer temperatures.


Well this is one pretty plant. This butterfly plant comes in a variety of colors and is known for its “floating” roots, which are so fasted-growing that they prefer to soak up moisture on water-less rocks or logs. Its cute tendrils can be nurtured into perfect butterfly shapes.

Horseshoe crab

Also known as the sponge plant, this aquatic plant is known for its elegant leaves that mold themselves into delicious horseshoe shapes. The pestilence won’t touch the horseshoe crab, which also only needs periodic attention to thrive.

Eagle claw

This kiwi-like plant, sometimes called an exotic date palm, looks adorable standing out on a hot summer day. Only the most attentive gardener will thrive with this bird-attracting tree.


A unusual houseplant, Takayako usually grows in a 4-foot rootless form, with the occasional tube-shaped area near the top. This particular plant requires daily watering and regularly chills for maximum attention.


These two-foot plants are known for both their intricate roots and delicate petals. Mosquitone are also good for pets, providing extra fishy scent. This is a tropical choice, with a warm environment and lots of moisture. The coldest degree required for growth is — quite literally — 56 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bright wax

This zesty-looking tropical plant is the flowering bud of the bamboo trees. Sadly, it needs regular attention to flourish and won’t tolerate any heat stress.

Sharp cactus

As its name suggests, the other cactus-like species of this plant are designed to create sharp growths that can be formed at any angle. Though these cacti need a lot of attention, they’re still worth keeping in the garden. They’re the most interesting plant on this list, though unfortunately they’re so small they can’t quite carry out their potential.


If you’re not having any luck with your ginger plant, try growing one of these fruit-bearing trees. They’re quite easy to grow, provide plenty of fruit, are noted for their ball-like flowers, and are tropical enough for summer rain showers.


The only tropical plant on this list, Capricorn proves that while there are many plant families, there is only one tropical tree. This canopy-dwelling tree grew into the mesmerizing three-leaf capricorn. Little threads of leaves rise through these thick, spidery leaves, or you can opt for the many-leaf Capricorn cruise.

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