Three Reasons Why you Should Have Marimo Moss Balls

Do you ever want a houseplant that is both adorable and functional? A marimo moss ball is that ideal houseplant and you can turn your home into a green paradise, too! You can choose marimo moss balls that come in rainbow hues or lavender shades and their appearance changes with time as the moss reacts to light and humidity. Can you imagine how things will look in your home now with a marimo moss ball in your home? It is perfect for a space like the bathroom, bedroom, or inside the closet.

Marimo moss balls also come in the form of “bars” or “pillows.” You can have a soft cushion for your legs in a high-end shade or you can have the classic garnet powder blue arrangement as a place mat. An “unlighted, sitting area” for an upstairs bedroom is very flexible and could be really chic. A marimo moss ball will just dress up any space easily.

What makes marimo moss balls so special? Why should you have them over any other houseplants? How does this different from a natural plant?

1. They always match the surroundings

When you have marimo moss balls with different colors, you can have them share the color scheme of the room. Adding a marimo moss ball can make a room more beautiful without it taking over the overall aesthetic. This creates a little ambiance. The carpets or curtains could have color harmony and can complement a room or the light of the sunshine.

2. They are low maintenance

As long as you water properly, you will never need to worry about watering your marimo moss balls or having to maintain them. Just put in a drip of a good potting soil and a few strokes of a rake to keep them looking good for a while.

3. They are resilient

Marimo moss balls are amazing at handling water and humidity, keeping them dry. The moss will react to moisture and keep from dying. If you want to throw them in water and see how they do, you can use a glass vase or a cotton ball, which your marimo moss balls will eat. This is the ideal way to follow natural habits. As long as you don’t overwater them, marimo moss balls are very easy to care for.

The next time you are in the mood for a marimo moss ball, choose a beautiful one from H&M, and add a pretty bowl for a decorating touch. Make a little lamp stand that combines marimo moss balls and high-end materials or add a decorative photo to a place mat to really make your home look great!

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