Top 10 Instagram accounts of plant aficionados

Millions of people follow the accounts of some of the most famous people on social media. Some star chefs, TV hosts, and social media personalities have a dedicated following that could rival a top-10 celebrity.

Top chef Jonathon Waxman of Milk Bar fame has his own food and agriculture-related Instagram account, @mixedliquids. “The plant community is growing all the time,” Waxman said. “I have to follow a lot of people on Instagram because the plants are just amazing.”

Some of these social media personalities prefer to share pictures of flowery plants, while others prefer other, grander specimens. However, many of them do share snaps of the wonderful shades of luscious fruits and vegetables they grow themselves.

Even non-plant Instagrammers can enjoy the meditative effects of purring hummingbirds, tufted grasses, ferns, or exotic exotic flowers.

Check out these top-10 accounts:


Jonathon Waxman is a top chef from New York City and the owner of a beautiful greenhouse in Brooklyn, New York.

Waxman started his successful business by providing floral installations. That growing business turned into an industrial operation, with highly functional plans and layouts for any indoor or outdoor greenhouse.

Waxman’s Instagram account is full of stunning shots of succulents, succulent shoots, houseplants, amaryllis, celosia, geraniums, succulents, perennials, as well as photos of roses, lobelia, and flowering trees and shrubs.


Blogger Fiona Kallstrom is also known as Spark Your World. The suburban Chicago mother of four is a potter and a photographer. While Kallstrom posts beautiful photos of large pots of flowers and herbs to life on the green screen, her attention spans on pottery are quite an achievement in themselves.

Kallstrom’s Instagram account is designed to show people that pottery can be both beautiful and useful in everyday life.

Kallstrom recently set up a social media campaign about being a potter. The hashtag #LetPrayForPottery was used to post five very interesting and wonderful #pottery photographs.

Kallstrom also leads workshops on pottery and pottery work and has featured her efforts in several gardening magazines.


This Virginia gardening blogger and photographer has quite an impressive following. While she tends the wild herb garden on her property, Bill Geyer captures pictures of his gardening tools at work, using the light on a much larger scale.

Geyer and her husband have a farm on their property and make scented soaps from hemp. They also have orchids, cacti, and African violets. Geyer is able to capture subjects with a certain well-timed pizazz.


Resident of southeastern Virginia Tamsen Dolgoff produces wonderful photos of the fruit and vegetables that grow on her two separate gardens in Colonial Williamsburg.

Dolgoff manages her gardens on her own property, but likes to share the wonderful fruits and veggies that her husband grow around the house. This makes a very great combination for picture-taking.


This social media enthusiast’s handle indicates that this Asian greenhouses and garden expert also creates virtual worlds for his followers to enjoy. He uses the social media platform’s photo-sharing feature, “stories,” to give his followers a more engaging experience.

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